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If you’ve been around the marijuana community long enough, you might know that Panama Red marijuana seeds reached their peak in the 90s. These days, this 100% sativa is considered an old-school, vintage strain that’s somewhat been overshadowed by others. Still, it remains a fan-favorite for its moderate-to-low THC levels that typically reach a maximum of 17%.
This percentage allows smokers of all levels to get a taste of the good stuff. Hardly overpowering, Panama Red delivers euphoric sensations that put users in a good mood and positive headspace during the day. You might want to stay away from Panama Red in the evenings as it might lead to insomnia or a lack of sleep. It produces a mellow high that’s slightly creative, awakening, and energetic.
This is the perfect strain to help you start your day on a good note. In some cases, users notice mild psychedelic effects that enhance colors, sounds, and the world. Quite literally, it makes the world feel like a better, brighter place. It’s no wonder that doctors can prescribe Panama Red marijuana seeds to users with depression. The aroma of Panama Red marijuana plants includes fruit (specifically grapefruit and citrus), earthiness, spice, and herbs.

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